Our Team

Mrs. Debi Asher, Chief Operations Officer:

Debi is exceptional with over 20 years in banking, accounting, property investments as well as sales management and marketing experience. Debi has an outstanding record for leading cross-functional efforts to deliver solutions within a limited time. She utilizes management and technical skills to ensure web-based solutions for client’s requirements. Debi is an excellent communicator able to educate and support staff, owners and tenants to maximize satisfaction.

Mr. Bryan Asher, Operations Officer:

Bryan is highly qualified and well developed Management professional with extensive experience in all facets of property inspection, construction and operations management. As a former Marine and vet from the Gulf War era Bryan, brings over 20 years experience to Echelon Property Management. Bryan also has a vast network of maintenance vendors and brings essential expertise in providing operational leadership to Echelon’s management performance. In all endeavors, he excels with his ability in vendor negotiations, renovations and property management along with maintaining profits.

Mrs. Desiree Groen, Property Manager:

Desiree is a dedicated and detail oriented professional. She takes pride in her abilities to fortify communications with clients. Desiree’s experience comes from working on military installations and army non profits has made her well versed in military interaction, professionally and with the community. With her continuing education in the real estate field, she is committed in providing valuable service. Her proficiency in lease negotiation methodologies and marketing campaigns brings essential client growth within a highly competitive property leasing market. As a strong planner she is able to maintain profit and efficiency while providing satisfaction for tenants, vendors and property owners.

Mr. Matthew Munson, Property Manager:

Matthew is a performance-driven professional property manager with the ability to execute inspections and recommend solutions. He offers strong abilities in leasing and retention along with client relationship building. Matthew has exceptional tenant interaction.

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